Workshops mit Dan Rosen am 22.08.2020

Und hier sind sie : die von euch am Meisten gewählten Workshops mit Dan Rosen. Er ist am Samstag 22.08.2020 bei uns zu Besuch. Für mich ist Dan DER Comedian in der Pole Szene, er betreibt den berühmt-berüchtigten Polelols Instagram-Account, der bestimmt schon bei uns allen zu Lach-Muskelkater geführt hat. Ich bin mir sicher, nach den Workshops werden wir rundum mit Muskelkater versorgt sein :-p Spins & Tricks 09:30-11 Uhr

In this workshop Dan will be working on spins and intermediate tricks. The aim of the class will be to give you the confidence to move in and out of moves effortlessly. (Because there is no point doing a trick if its not gorgeous right?) He will be showing you techniques to increase your strength and flexibility so that you are ready for the moves which you will be aiming to achieve in the future. Dan specialises in moves which not only look great, but moves which are ACHIEVABLE. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn some new and interesting tricks.

Voraussetzungen: du magst & kannst folgende Tricks: aufschwingen (basic invert), butterfly, kneehangs, spins

Splitz Trix 11:15-12:45 Uhr

When Dan first started pole he could barely touch his toes so he is no stranger to the struggle of flexibility training. For those people looking to improve their splits this is a great class to come and learn the techniques Dan used to get his splits to where they are today. And for those who love splits already, come and learn some more advanced techniques to make your splits even more amazing. This class will be 40 mins split stretching and technique and 50 mins splits tricks on the pole.

Voraussetzungen: knee hangs, shouldermount Flexibility for Pole 13-14:30 Uhr Dan has been stretching and increasing his flexibility for over 4 years now and is well known for being one of the bendy boys in the pole industry. But flexibility hasn’t come naturally to Daniel and he has learned lots of different techniques to help increase that flexibility which we need to do those flexi moves on the pole. So come and be stretched out in this flexi class and learn how to get flexible for pole. Dan has helped train lots of people and their flexibility so its never to late to start. This class is for all levels and no flexibility experience is needed. Pole experience will help but again isn’t essential. Kosten: jeder Workshop kostet 65 Fr. Poleria-like sind maximal 10 Plätze zu vergeben. Ich freue mich, mit euch die Workshops zu besuchen!

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